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January 2012 Reader SPOTLIGHT of the month - Jude0522

I have chosen one of my newer readers for this month's Reader SPOTLIGHT!!!!!!!

I absolutely love, love, love her reviews and the fact that she's read EVERY SINGLE FIC of mine...some of my own team haven't read all of them. It humbles me and makes me appreciate her all the more!!!

Congratulations, rock my world;)

) How long have you been reading FF and what was your first fic that you read?

 I think I first started reading in 2009. I was totally immersing myself in all things Twilight since New Moon was coming out soon, and I used Facebook as a tool to get as much information as possible. I guess I was what you could call a late bloomer because I had no idea Twilight even existed until the first movie came out on DVD. Yeah, I must have been living under a rock. I found a great group of friends on Facebook (who I still love dearly) and we bonded instantly. It was there that fanfiction was introduced to me. My first fic was Wide Awake. I was instantly drawn into a story that was so unlike Twilight, but yet I could picture each of the characters in my head and is AWESOME.

2) What was the first fic of mine that you read?

Hmmm, I think it was Anger Management. After the first chapter I knew you were going to be a writer I couldn't get enough of. I have read everything you have written to date. I know when writing is good, and yeah, your writing is GOOD!

3) How much fanfic do you read in a day?
Lately I have been more obsessed with it than ever. My hubby bought me a Kindle Fire as an early Christmas present (I begged him) and since then I'm on it nonstop. I have so many stories I'm reading at once that sometimes I forget who is who. Yeah, I'm a bit into it. There is some really good stuff written and I want to read it all.

4) Out of all my fics, which one is your fav and why?

They have all touched me in one way or another, but Please Resuce Me is very special. I have never seen Edward portayed like this, and it tugs at my heart. I love the angst and the romance, and I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Bella and Edward should always be together. That's a fact.

5) How did you find me?

I believe it was through TexasBella. (She is one of the girls in my special group that I told you about.) She is always suggesting such good stories. I LOVE HER!

6) What is your favorite book out of the The Twilight Series?

 That used to be hard to answer. After I read all four books back to back in the span of about four days, I thought my favorite was Eclipse, probably because I was focusing on the leg hitch and the proposal, which I LOVED. Looking back though I would have to say that Twilight is my favorite. It's where it all began, It's where the romance started. It's where THEIR story began, it's where Edward captured my heart. **sigh**

7) Are you a RPatz fan or an Edward Cullen fan or both?

I'm a HUGE RPattz fan! Some of my favorite fanfic stories are Robert Pattinson fics and not Edward fics. (Thanks to HoldMeRansom/SoLostInTwilight) I'm anxiously awaiting both Bel Ami and Cosmopolis...and he was AMAZING in Water For Elephants and Remember Me. Yeah, this man is going places, and I'm along for the ride. Edward is well, Edward, what's not to love? Totally swoon worthy...he had me at hello. Edward in Breaking Dawn was to die for...literally. Rob did such a good job with him in this movie. BEST EDWARD EVER.

8) What's one question that you want to ask me about anything I've written?

I know Anger Management started as a way to get some anger and frustration out, as you explained in your authors notes. Do you share other experiences through your stories? Can any of your life experiences be found in the words that you write? Also, how do you find the time to do all the writing and reviewing and juggle real life? 

*To answer your questions:
Almost every single story that I've written has some piece of me or my life within the words....often times when a plot bunny strikes it's because of some trigger from something within my own past, therefore it makes it a lot easier for me to write.  Probably the most personal fic about my life is Never To Be Mine. I am honestly Bella in that story....almost everything that she goes through is my own personal journey....I don't hide from my past....and some people don't like that about me, but, I learned from the mistakes I made in the past, so why hide from them?
Choices is another one that is dear to my heart....while my situation was completely different than Edwards.....because my son died at birth. Writing that was like a deep cleansing of my soul.
And, yes, everything I wrote about in Anger Management was from personal experience:)
Writing: Well, I often have 3-5 loads of laundry piled up, a sink full of dishes, an overflowing trashcan and a thousand dvr'd things left unwatched so that I can write. Minime takes up a lot of my free time in the early evening but I'm lucky enough to have a job that is pretty lax so that I can get writing/editting done during the day. But, the majority of my writing is done late at night when I should be sleeping and on Friday nights. I'm child free on that night, so I get my junk food, extra smokes, mountain dews and cocoon myself up on the bed w/ my laptop and usually have a writing marathon.

Great questions!!!!

9) How many groups do you belong to on FB and are you a FB junkie?

 I'm a total FB's another obsession. I have a Twitter account too, but I'm faithful to FB.  I currently belong to 16 groups. All of them are Twilight or fanfiction related. Wow.
10) Favorite piece of clothing that you have on right now?

 I guess it would have to be my favorite black bra from Victoria Secret. Not terribly exciting I know. As a fanfic reader I feel like I should have said a trench coat with nothing

11) What draws you to read a fic? (ie. the summary, someone recommending it or the author self promoting it, or all of the above?)

Well I think it is a combination of them all. When I find a good writer, I like to be faithful, as I know I'll never be disappointed. But there is SO much out there. A lot of my girls will send me recs, and of course the authors do too, so that is helpful. I'm rarely disappointed that way. If someone on FB is pimping a story like crazy I usually have to check it out. It was like that with MOTU. I remember seeing all these posts about "Fifty" and I thought I better check it out. WOW, I'm glad I did! Fifty owned me from page one.

12) Do your family and friends know about your Twilight and/or FF addiction? Are you an FF addict?
My family is well aware of my Twilight addiction. They tolerate it, as they have no choice. Each year I host a premiere party, and completely deck the house out Twilight style. They just roll their eyes. It's funny to them, eh that's ok. I used to get a lot of flack from my non Twilight friends on FB, but they can defriend me without me be offended, this is part of who I am!
As far as fanfiction close friends totally know I'm obsessed. My husband and family know I'm all about it, but thankfully they don't know what it actually entails. Lemons to them are simpy a fruit. That is just fine with me:)


Thanks for some great answers.....and the peek inside your head!!!!!

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