Tuesday, January 10, 2012

News....and stuff

So, there is a lot of fun stuff coming up in the future and I wanted to share it with all of you....

First up, DRABBLE WARS...this one is of the EPIC proportions....whereas we typically have 3-5 authors participating this time we have a dozen!!!! Some heavy hitters have joined us and we are pleased to have them as well as some up and coming new authors!!!

This is a fun little competition that started between Kitkat681 and I a few months ago and it's just been so much fun. It's a great way for me to stir up some creativity within myself and spurring each other on has been a blast.

Find our group on FB under Drabble War Forum.

I am eagerly working to finish up some of my current WIP's: Please Pass the Peas only has one chapter remaining and then it's done....I never in my wildest dreams expected the journey that has come about from this simple little fic....but, I am honored for all those that have jumped on the Pea Pod with us. I will miss Wilson, for sure!!!

I should have Please Rescue Me wrapped up by March....this is a heavy fic for me to write...therefore, I have to be in a certain mind frame for that to happen....therefore, I'm giving myself some time to get it done, properly.

I am anxious to start posting my new collab with the lovely Bnjwl's Fanfiction. She has been my beta since day one...and I simply cannot say enough about her......Our collab is called Metal Pointe. Edward is a rockstar.....face piercings, tattoos.....and spiked, punk rock hair.....Bella is a ballerina......they've been in love since they were four yrs old....but, their lifestyles take them down different paths.....will they ever collide again?

It should start posting around the first of February.....we've written about half of it.

The third in the four part Anger Management series is set to start posting the first of February, as well. I'm truly loving having Angryward back in my head;) There's still plenty of fuckery to be had, too!

Well....here's an update on me.....my health is truly back to normal. Being sick for those few months really took it's toll on me and my family. But, thankfully, I had all of my amazing friends to encourage me, support me and keep me going. I am very blessed.

Minime just turned 4 *gasps* and is as busy as ever, she's in dance, tumbling and is about to start soccer....I think I'm crazy....but, she loves it. She has truly missed her routine w/ school being out for winter break. She's growing like a weed....and amazes me every single day.

I want to rec a few things that I've come across, authors that I've gotten to know....and some that are like my family....(all links are on my FFnet profile favorites list)

Awaken by EdwardsEternal - read it!!!! It's amazing......and it'll be a staple that I go back and read over and over again for a long time to come.

Fatty by Kitkat681 - it's only 3 chs in but has me by the heartstrings already....

Within Reason by JA Mash - oh the suspense in every chapter....it's just....oh so fucking good.....she's a newbie....and I see great things in her future!!!!

Break Even by Twistar Junkie - Ttharman rec'd her to me a while back.....and now I'm hooked....she has a new one, Crash & Burn, that I'm mildly addicted to, as well.....Give her a go, she's a newbie, too and I can't wait to see what her future holds, either!!!!

The 5 things that lead me to you by Catastrophia - oh.....this Edward....he's deep within my heart.....and this is such an awesome fic......give her a read and tell her I sent you;)

That's it for the moment....I know that there are tons that I am forgetting but I need more coffee.....tootles, Kyla


  1. Helloo! Love your fics! I'm a fanfiction stalker lol. Currently reading Please rescue me and I love it!! Will deffinately check out your recommendations <3 I follow you on twitter @aeysha11 x