Love & Anger

Chapter 1 – Reality Sets In

Waking up next to Edward this morning seems different than every other morning that I've woke up next to him.

I'm home.


This is no longer Edward's apartment, Edward's bedroom, Edward's bed. It's all ours.

He even had the contract drawn up to prove it.

I look up to his exquisite face where he seems to be so at peace in his sleep. My poor boy has had a rough time lately with all the changes. He's needed some very heavy doses of Anger Management, that's for sure.

The second day that I was unofficially his employee, he called me to his office so he could fuck me against his window, only to show up in my office later that afternoon to christen my asshole as Ruby. And he gave Ruby a good workout, that's for sure.

I lie here watching him sleep, a small pout on his lips, his long, black eyelashes fluttering across his cheeks. I run a finger around his face, taking all of him in. It's still hard at times for me believe that he's mine, truly mine.

He whimpers a little in his sleep as his hand goes to adjust Mr. Happy over the sheet. His hands strokes his hard cock a few times before he rolls off his back to his side leaving that deliciously aroused morning wood right in my line of sight.

Warmth. Wet warmth. My cock is surrounded by heat and wet and oh fuck me, Bella's lips are on my cock. I moan and thrust up into her mouth as she hums around Mr. Happy. "Mmmm Bella, I do so love fucking that mouth." I gently place my hands around her head, still not having opened my eyes, my hands start guiding her up and down.

"Fuck baby, swing around here, let me taste some of Lucy's juice," I say as I crack my eyes open to see that beautiful bare body of hers making a move to straddle over me.

Bella's glistening pussy hovers right over my mouth as I wrap my hands around her hips, pulling her down to my mouth. I lick a path straight up her slit before I suck on Pearl, feeling her moan around my cock.

Fuck, I love being woke up this way. I've been insatiable lately. Yes, I know, that's hard to believe from me. But it's the truth. I need Bella twenty-four seven.

This moving in business has wrecked havoc on me and Bella's been an absolute consistent, steady beat in keeping me in line with my anger.

I thrust my tongue deep inside her, pulled her hips down so that my whole face was smothered by her pussy. "Mmmmmhhhh," I moaned as I fucked Lucy Diamond with my tongue.

"FUCK EDWARD!" Bella screamed, popping Mr. Happy out of her mouth. Her cum coated my tongue as I eagerly lapped it all up.

As she panted through her high, I pulled her pussy off my face, and sat up, entering her from behind. "Get ready baby, that was just the warm up." I said, gripped her hips and slid Mr. Happy into his happy place. I started out long stroking it before I pulled almost all the way out, then slammed deep inside. I pounded her relentlessly, setting a steady hard pace.

"God, yes, Edward. Fuck. Harder baby." She moaned. Her wish granted. I pushed my cock so hard inside of her that I thought I'd see Mr. Happy coming out of her throat but no, it just spurred her on.

She dropped to her elbows, pushed her ass harder back against my groin, allowing me to delve deeper. I couldn't hold back my moan and I knew I was only a few thrusts away from exploding.



Fuck. There's that electric noise again. Every fucking time I'm inside Bella's pussy, there it is.

I felt my belly start to tense, the tingle in balls was like tiny probes of electric shock and then, "FUCK BELLLLLLA!" I couldn't hold back as we both exploded at the same time.

I collapsed on top of her and she fell deeper into the mattress. "Edward, what the fuck was that?" She gasped for air while trying to catch her breath.

"I don't fucking know, Bella, but I suggest we start every morning that way." I struggled to get my own breathing under control.

We laid that way for a few minutes before I pulled up, slapped her ass and said, "Let's shower, baby. We smell like sex and I don't think my mom would appreciate the 'aire de lust' floating around us when she shows up in an hour."

Bella laughed before she stared at my naked ass as I crawled off the bed. "Oh I don't know, she wouldn't mind so much if we told her we were practicing for a grandbaby." She teased.

I gasped, "No, Bella...please. Don't you start in on that, too." I whined.

Ever since we'd told my family that we were moving in together my mother had been insisting that it was time to start planning a wedding AND a nursery. I couldn't get her to shut up about it. I know a lot of it was just to tease me since she'd always considered me a commitment-phobe, but gah, give me a fucking break.

One life change at a time, please.

"Let's shower, before you have a heart-attack, Edward. Besides, I am definitely NOT ready for kids, yours, mine or otherwise." Bella cackled over her shoulder at me as her perfect ass walked into the bathroom.

Forty-five minutes later we were respectably dressed and walking through the apartment deciding what needed to go where and what else we needed to get my mother to finish in the redecorating process of 'our home'.

"I love you, Bella." I said as I approached her from behind, wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

She giggled, "I love you, too Edward."

"I'm happy you are here to stay, even if it does mean that I have to see Alice on a daily basis." I poked at her, I knew it drove her nuts, this disgruntled type of banter between Alice and I.

Alice was like the annoying little fly that never went away, even after you stomp on them.

"Edward, you promised to lay off of Alice." Bella whined. "She is my business partner, she is your best friends fiancee and has been my best friend my whole life. You are going to have to learn to be nicer to her."

"I am nice." I feigned a hurt expression as Bella pulled out of my embrace and turned around to face me, hands on hips, eyebrow quirked sky high.

"Seriously, Edward." She shook her head and went to let my mom in as we heard a small knock on the door.

"Be good. Your mom is here to help and we need her help." Bella scolded me like a small child. I shrugged my shoulders and padded to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee.

I heard their giggles and whispers from the kitchen doorway and turned to see them both staring at me, "What?" I asked, annoyed that they were both just looking at me with big, goofy grins on their faces.

"Nothing, you just look positively radiant this morning, my precious son." Esme giggled and walked over to pat my cheek.

"Whatever, Mom. How much is this going to cost me? I can tell that you and Bella are up to something that's surely to hit my wallet hard." I eyed them both as they feigned innocent looks at me.

"I surely do not know what you mean, Edward. I was called here to do a job, so that's what I am going to do. Now, is there anything that you are particularly attached too?" My mom asked as she walked back into the living area.

"The entertainment center, all electronics and the sectional stay." I informed them both.

Bella and Esme both turned to eye me, inquisitively.

"What? You asked. I answered." I shrugged my shoulders, sat on the couch and drank my coffee.

"Let's start in bedroom, Esme," Bella snidely remarked over her shoulder in my direction as they took off down the hall.

Holy hell, I'm going to pay for that later.

But, if it makes Bella happy and she keeps Mr. Happy happy, then fuck it. She can have anything she wants.
Wait! What the fuck? When did I turn into such a sappy pussy?

Oh yeah, when I fell in love and asked my non-contractual girlfriend to move in with me.

Fuck me. I'm definitely in over my head now.

Chapter 2 Naked Time Required


Poor Edward. He's still not coping well with the changes to our apartment. He got to keep his electronics but well, the rest of the 'items he was attached to' have miraculously disappeared from the apartment.

Between the painters, the tile guys and the daily furniture deliveries, we haven't had a lot of 'alone' time except for at night. Our weekends, which usually consist of a few hours of naked time all over the apartment have been severely limited; which is exactly why I suggested a quick trip away for the weekend.

It would give us some much needed sexy times and give the workers a chance to work without another angry outburst by my boyfriend.

"Do you have everything packed?" I asked Edward for the third time as we got dressed for work.

"Yes, I'm finally all packed, you can quit pestering me now, mother." Edward was annoyed already this morning. The kitchen contractor showed up earlier than expected and interrupted his shower blow job.

Mr. Happy was not happy about it either.

So I promised them both road head on the way to work. That had them appeased for a few short minutes. It has now been over an hour and I could tell they were both about to explode if I didn't handle it soon.

"Let's go, grumpy. You have a date with my mouth." I teased him, picked up my bags and waited by the door for Edward.

"Thank fuck. Mr. Happy was about to send in the reinforcements demanding someone's death." He growled as he opened the door for me.

I giggled, walked in front of him and wiggled my ass. He moaned and whined, "Bella, you are killing me this morning."

I stopped at the elevator, turned to place my hands on his chest and looked up at him through my lashes, "Edward, you've already had two spectacular explosions this morning, must you be so needy all the time?" I batted my lashes at him.

"If you don't stop it, I will drag you into that stairwell and fuck you over the rail." He said through closed eyes and gritted teeth.

"Promises, promises." I taunted him.

"That's it." He said, grabbed my arm, threw the door open and pushed me against the wall.

"Edward, we don't have time." I gushed as his hands pushed my skirt up and two fingers immediately plunged inside of my dripping pussy.

Her taunting and teasing has been non-stop for days now. I shouldn't be sexually frustrated but fuck, I am.
I want our apartment back in order. I miss our freedom to fuck whenever, wherever, however we want at any time. Mr. Happy has definitely NOT been happy lately.

"Bella, shush. We have plenty of time for the fucking I'm about to give you." I said as I pull the sash on the blouse she had on, pulled Ethel out of her bra and attached my lips to that puckered nipple.

I quickly used my other hand to undo my belt, button and zipper, pushed my pants down and released my steel hard and throbbing cock from those damn pants.

I swear we are staying naked the whole time we are out of town this weekend.

"Wrap those fucking legs around me and get ready." I demanded when I pulled my mouth off that delicious tit. She did exactly as I ordered and I slammed into her.

"You are getting a little to good at that teasing bullshit. Is this how it's going to be? You've keeping me in a perpetual state of arousal with limited release? Because if it is, I might force you to work in my office where I'll keep you naked and on your knees." I growled as I plunged into her over and over again.

"Fuck Edward," she moaned as her hands gripped the back of my hair before she crashed her lips to mine.
Lucy Diamond was slick, hot and constricting around my rim rod cock before I could slow down enough to stop the heat of my own cum from shooting four long streams of my fluids inside of her.

"Ugh...ugh...mmmhhh...fuck...Bella...god fuck..." I got out before I felt my knees start to tremble from the force of my release.

Bella kissed me face with small little kisses all over as I tried to catch my breath. "Better baby?" She smiled against my lips.

"Yes...thank fuck." I groaned out as I put my forehead on her shoulder, slowly lowering her to the ground.

"Edward, I promise, naked times will be back soon," She pulled my head up and put her palms to my cheeks, her eyes soft and shining with love.

"I know, baby. I'm sorry I've been so whiny lately." I replied and placed a soft kiss to her lips.

"Its okay, but we have to get to work. I have a very important meeting this morning with a huge client."
Bella's voice was back to all business.

I pulled up my pants, tucked my now limp cock back in and zipped up. "Let's go baby." I pulled her hand into mine and lead us out of the stairwell.

Four hours later I made my way through the front door of 'Your little secret' corporate offices to see if Bella could do me for lunch.

Yep, Mr. Happy was in desperate need of some warm cozy snuggles inside Lucy Diamond's cave.
Jasper and I had been in a super stressful meeting this morning with a client; Tanya was trying to sabotage another business relationship and we had a lot of ass-kissing to do to keep this long standing business from walking away.

I was going to have to deal with Tanya and soon.

"Is Bella out of her meeting yet?" I asked Jane, the snarky little receptionist that Alice had hired.

"Yes, she's done. Want me to let her know your here?" She smirked at me.

"No thanks, I can manage on my own." I continued walking through the doors that lead me to Bella's office.
I pushed the door open as it was slightly ajar, "Have time for lunch?" I asked as she was engrossed in reading something on her desk. Her head popped up and she smiled that beautiful smile.

"To eat or to be eaten?" She giggled and scrunched her eyebrows together.

"To be eaten, most definitely." I said, locked the door and immediately started to undress.

Bella stood up from behind her desk, her eyes never leaving my body as she licked her lips. She took a few steps forward and pointed to the couch as she removed her own clothes.

"Sit," her voice was demanding and controlled.

I sat down and stroked my cock a few times as she crawled over me on the couch, put Ethel and Myrtle directly around the sides of my face, gave them a few shakes and sank down on my aching cock.

"Fuuuuckkkkk, Bella, I've been dying all morning to get my cock back inside of you." I moaned as she started to rise slowly, my hands instinctively moving to grasp her hips.

"Ohhhh fulll...I've been dying to have you inside of me too." She panted as she slid back up my swelling shaft.

"Can't we leave town now? I need to be up in this sweet pussy indefintely." I helped her ease back up the length of me, pulled a nipple into my mouth and sucking hard.

She moaned and clasped her hands around my head, holding me to her tit. "Fuck yes, suck it harder, baby, bite it." Bella instructed I did what she asked. It earned me a deep throated moan from her. It was a sound that my ears delighted in, as well as Mr. Happy.

I started directing her body up and down on my cock as she picked up the pace. She moved a hand down to flick Pearl and I about lost it.

Nothing was hotter than watching Bella touch herself.

Then she did it, she slid a finger on top of my shaft, pushing it into her pussy at the same time my cock was buried balls deep inside of her.

It sent a shot of electricity straight through my body. Who knew the penis was so fucking sensitive in this position? I stayed perfectly still with my cock as far inside her as possible as she continued to finger herself.
Each push in was like a lightening bolt shooting through my straining shaft and then I felt the little pricks of electric charge on my balls.

"Bella, you are going to make me cum." I wheezed as I spoke.

This new sensation was overwhelming both of us.

"Me too, Edward." She threw her head back, thrust her tits up, so I latched on again and bit the tight little tip of her nipple. She groaned and pushed her pussy further down onto my dick.

Then she shoved two fingers inside of her pussy and stretched them open around my cock. I was helpless to do anything but thrust up. That in turn forced my tip to burst out my cum within the confines of the most delectable place my overjoyed fuckstick had ever had the pleasure of being.

"Jesus Bella." I grunted as I continued spewing my cum into her.

"I know," her body trembling as she rode out her orgasm as well.

We grabbed onto to each other, enjoying the sensations that had elicited all our senses to new heights and worked to control our breathing.

"That was unfuckingbelieveable." She muttered through short pants.

"Completely." I replied, thinking of ways to explore that new territory this weekend.

We continued kissing and fucking, sprawled naked on the couch in her office for god knows how long before a knock on her office door broke us apart.

"Who is it?" Bella called towards the door.

"Alice, now get some fucking clothes on, we have a problem." I could just see her on the other side of the door, tapping her foot and glaring at the back of my head through the wall.

"Give us a minute." Bella reluctantly replied.

"I thought we were leaving?" I whined and nuzzled my face into the side of her neck.

She laughed and pulled my face back, "Give me half an hour and then we can go, okay?" Bella smiled, kissed me softly and moved to stand up. She held both her hands out for me to stand up, so I did and promptly slid my hands down her back to cup her ass.

"Fuck, Edward." She moaned. "It's been a while since you've visited Ruby, maybe tonight?" Her face lit up with a hopeful excitement.

"Absofuckinglutely." I happily replied.

Mr. Happy never missed an opportunity to get up inside that tight puckered hole.

"Good. Now get dressed. Let me put out whatever fire has Alice in a tizzy and I'll come get you as soon as I'm done, okay?" Bella's business voice was back in full force.

"Fine." I resentfully agreed. "But your business partner needs to learn to handle things without being the ultimate cock-blocker." I stated harshly.

"Edward." Bella used that tone that told me it was a warning and I was about to get chastised.
I threw my hands up defensively, "Alright, alright." I pulled my clothes back on, kissed her and went to open the door.

"Thirty mintues or I'm coming to get you and dragging you out of here, caveman style." I warned her before I pulled open the door to meet a glaring Alice.

"Nice to see you too, cockblocker." I tipped an imaginary hat and set off back to my office, never stopping to listen to her rebuttal or tantrum that she was sure to throw.

Thirty minutes later, exactly, Bella popped her head in the door of my office, "Let's go grumpy." She smiled and waited for me to follow her out the door.

Once we got in the car, buckled in and I pulled out of my parking spot I felt the need to inform Bella of something I had been thinking about this morning. "Bella, I think we need to make a new rule in our relationship." I tried to sound deadly serious.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Bella curiously asked.

"Naked time is required for at least twenty-four hours each week." I stopped at the stop sign and turned to see her expression.

"I think I can live with that rule." She smiled and linked her hand in mine.

How the fuck did I get so lucky?

Chapter 3 Romance...and shit

BPOV (same day as ch2)
The drive to the resort was quiet. I could tell that Edward had something pretty major going on in his mind.
I slid my hand a little higher up his thigh. "Bella, don't start something you aren't going to finish." He grumbled.

"Would you like to me start something?" I asked, somberly.

"Um, maybe." He said tentatively.

Edward never hesitated for a hand-job or road head, so I knew that something was definitely going on with him.

"Edward, what's wrong baby?" I started to worry. He and Alice had been particularly nasty to each other lately, but neither would say what had happened this time.

"Tanya." He said the one word I'd never wanted to hear from his lips again.

"What?" I said, trying not to shriek.

"She's fucking with the company again. Jasper and I spent almost four hours reassuring one of our oldest clients this morning that we were NOT about to sell the company. She's been running that disgusting mouth of hers all over fucking town. It's started to completely piss me off." Edward's hands gripped the steering wheel so tight I thought I heard it crack.

"Hey, baby, let me help you...please?" I tried to sound sexy and seductive as I slid my hand further up his thigh, brushing my fingertips along the outline of his growing member.

He hissed and gushed, "Fuck, yes, please baby. I feel like I'm about to blow up. The more I think about this shit the angrier I get."

Edward slid his ass forward a little in the seat, allowing me room to pop the button and unzip him, as I reached in and grabbed Mr. Happy I teased him, "Have you been a good boy, Mr. Happy? Do you think you deserve some play time?"

His cock actually bobbed at me, as if he agreeing that he did in fact deserve some play time.

"Hand or mouth?" I whispered in his ear as I leaned over the console.

"Mouth, please dear god, mouth." He all but begged.

I licked around the shell of his ear, earning a growl from him, "Fuck Bella."

I eased my seat belt completely off, scooted my seat all the way back and got on my knees in the floorboard.

I dashed my tongue out to lick that sweet drop of pre-cum resting on the tip.

I moaned at the taste and started to lick my way up and down his rock hard shaft.

I got the whole cock wet with my tongue before plunging my mouth down over the head and sliding my lips and up and down a few times.

"Oh fuck, Bella, god, so fucking good...fuck my cock with that mouth..." he thrust up and I fought hard not to gag at the sudden intrusion to the back of my throat.

I eased him out a bit and slowly started to bob up and down, twirling my tongue around and around as I sucked him hard. I worked him deeper with each downward pass, loving the feel of control that I had over him in this position.

"That's it baby...oh fuck yes...suck that cock..." he groaned and ordered...but I could tell he was losing control so I reach a hand down and started to massage his balls.

"Sweet holy …..." his voice came out strained and I knew by the tightening of his abs that he was holding off his orgasm. I slowly lowered my mouth all the way down his shaft, squeezed both balls and felt him hit the back of my tongue when the hot spurts of his man-juice filled my mouth.

"Fuck...gah...oh ….mee...Beeee...oh my gahhhh...FFFUUUUCCKKKKKK." His rambled words told me he got the instant relief he needed with that release.

I moaned around him, trying to prolong that high and he thrust into my mouth a few more times as I swallowed all that he gave me.

"Jesus...fuck...ughrhgugh..." he garbled out. I felt his whole body droop as I licked him clean and popped off his now sagging fuckstick. Hey that's his new name for it, don't fault me. But I kinda like it.

"Better?" I asked as I sat back up into my seat.

"Completely relaxed." Edwards hand moved to my thigh. "God, I love you." He sighed and squeezed my thigh hard before clasping my hand in his.

"I love you, too, baby. Glad that I could help." I smiled, knowing that only I could do this for him.

Twenty minutes later we pulled into the resort valet area, Edward got out, gave the valet the keys and came around to fetch me. "Ready for a weekend of debauchery Edward-style?" He waggled his eyebrows at me and I giggled.

I utterly adored this man, particularly when he was in this mood. "Absolutely." I replied.

We got checked in, got our bags situated in the room and within five minutes of the door closing behind us Edward declared, "Naked sexy times start right motherfucking now. Either you take those clothes off or I rip them from your body." He said, while he removed his clothes and stalked towards me at the same time.

I giggled and watched him maneuver his way with one foot out of his pants and the other dragging through the material while he finished removing his shirt. Suddenly he was right in front of me, "I'm not fucking joking, Isabella." His voice was hard and dead fucking serious.

I giggled and stepped back from him.

I was so ready to play.

She stepped motherfucking back from me. She wanted me to rip those fucking clothes off her body.

Hell, fucking, yes! Mr. Happy started to salute the kinky fuckery that was about to begin. I gave him a few small strokes of reassurance and he leaked a bit of drool. "See what you've done to my cock? You've made him a drooling mess." I quirked an eyebrow at her as she made her way a few more steps back from me.

"Now, you have to clean him up or face the palm of pain." I took a few steps forward and continued to stroke my manhood.

"I like a leaky fuckstick." Bella teased.

I growled and took a long step forward, pinned her to the wall by placing my hands on either side of her shoulders. "I like a tight ass and wet pussy." I leaned in and licked her collarbone, up to her neck and across her cheek. Fuck she tasted so damn good. I don't know how she keeps her skin so tasty but she does.

"Well, then I guess you are in luck, because underneath all...these...clothes...I have both of your desired items." Her voice was deep and breathy as I started to nip and bite her jaw and neck.

"You better be prepared, Isabella, because I am a thirsty man in a dry desert. You aren't leaving this room for at least twenty-four motherfucking hours." I howled into her ear as she gasp for a breath.

"Oh god yes." She managed to squeak out as I ripped the blouse in half down the front.

"Ethel and Myrtle have remained under wraps long enough, haven't you girls?" I said as I ripped the front of her bra open next. Once those beautiful tits were free, I palmed them both, which earned a long, loud moan from those plump, pink lips.

"Missed me, didn't you?" I asked as they jiggled in response under my hands. "I'll make up for it, I promise."

My head lowered to take Myrtle into my mouth, suckling hard and deep. I loved suckling her teats and I knew that she loved it too because she always brought her hands up to my head, holding me there. I moaned as I sucked harder, hoping to leave a mark.

It had definitely been to long since I had marked her. She was MINE and she needed reminding all the time, in my opinion.

I pinched Ethel's tip, then rolled it between my fingers, constantly kneading it, showing it affection as I assaulted Myrtle a little longer.

"Fuck, Edward, I'm going to cum. Please baby, make me cum..." her voice pleaded and so full of want.

I popped off of Myrtle and bit down on Ethel with a hard bite. Bella hissed and moaned. Her body unable to keep still, searching for some form of friction between her thighs.

I unzipped that motherfucking skirt and shoved it down giving me access to her whole fucking body.

"Lucy...Lucy...Pearl...please baby..." she whined as she tried desperately to get me to move somehow to relieve her need.

I bit harder onto Ethel before sucking hard and deep. My knee pushed her legs apart, one hand coming down to pull her thigh around my hip. She got the idea and raised both legs around my waist.

I bit down once more and Bella screamed my name as her orgasm hit. I immediately thrust my throbbing cock inside of her hoping to prolong that wave of pleasure she was riding.

"Oh god, Oh god, Oh god..." she chanted as I pushed into her over and over.

"No, Bella I'm Edward. You'd do good to remember that." I said on a particularly hard thrust that went as deep as I could go. I knew I wasn't going to last long but I wanted her to cum around my cock.

"Who does this pussy belong to?" I demanded against her shoulder.

"Yoooou..." she breathily replied.

"Who do these tits belong to?" I forcefully pushed in again.

"Youuuu..." her voice barely audible.

"Who does your body and heart belong to?" I pulled all but the tip of my cock out and waited for her answer.
Her eyes snapped open, her head came up off the wall and her voice was clear as day, "You, motherfucking Edward Cullen...only YOU!" She growled at me as I slammed into her.

We both exploded, moaned, gasped and collapsed to the floor as our electric charge zinged and zapped around the walls in the room.

We sat there, tangled together, struggling to breath for what felt like an eternity.



There was that live wire fledgling around along the floor again...the hum zapped and I felt something new taint the air with a heaviness and my heart started beating as fast as a thousand race horses.

She pulled herself tighter against me, my cock still inside her, semi-hard, "Edward, everything I am and everything I have is yours. Don't you know that by now?" Her eyes were soft and full of adoration.

I could only nod my head and send the love that consumed me back to her in my own eyes. I hoped it showed her the depth of my soul and how much she meant to me.

This woman owned my ass, figuratively and literally, and she knew it.

"I know baby, I know." She whispered and placed her pouty lips against mine. Her tongue swept out and asked for entrance which I readily gave.

She kissed my soul as our tongues twined and sucked and fought for the others touch.

Bella will never fully understand how deeply, madly and truly I loved her. Sometimes beyond sanity.

But I vowed everyday to make her feel it, even if it was through rough wall sex.

I loved these rare soft and tender moments with Edward. These were 'my' moments and mine alone.

He thinks that I don't understand the depth of his love for me, but I do. I love him beyond sanity.

And I definitely can tell that he feels the same. He shows me every time he touches me, looks at me, speaks to me.

I just know.

Something new was sparking in the air. There was this unexpected volt that flashed and a heavy crack that seemed to open up a new space of emotions between us.

"Come on, baby, let's go shower." His voice was soft and soothing. I knew that I would follow this man where ever he led me.

He helped me up and held my hand as we walked to the bathroom. "Do you want me to get the toiletry bag?" He asked while turning on the water.

"Yes, please, I might as well wash my hair while we're in here." I knew that he would insist on doing it for me.
It was one of my favorite things that Edward did for me. He washed my hair with a softness that showed me how much he cared. I loved it.

I stepped into the shower, felt the hot water hit my skin and held back at a moan at how good it felt.

"Care if I join you?" Edward's sexy voice sliced through the air and sent a shiver down my spine.

I looked over my shoulder, "Not at all."

He came in and pulled the door closed behind him. I felt his body press up against mine and his hands settle on my hips. I slowly turned around in his arms. "Hi baby."


"Hi." Edward's voice was soft and gentle and his arms pulled me tighter against him.

Zap. Zap.

We stood there, as the water came down between us, staring into the others eyes.

The electric cackle popping in the air made my neck hair stand on end.

"Thank you for doing this for me, Bella. I really did need it. I needed you. I'll always need you." I felt the heaviness of his words as they floated to my ears.

I felt the breath leave my lungs as he leaned down and took my lips against his. His kiss was slow and deep. His arms held me with a reverence.

He gently pulled back and spoke so tenderly, "I love you, my Bella. So fucking much. I'm sorry that I get a little hard to handle at times. But I hope you know it's not about you, never about you." His lips kissed my cheeks, my nose, my chin and my lips.

"I love you too, Edward. My heart beats only for you." I spoke as best as I could with no breath when he started to kiss my neck and throat.

"Never leave me, Bella. I know I would surely not survive. This past six weeks with your company starting up and taking your time away from me and then the renovations at the apartment cutting into our free time, it's been like I couldn't breath." He pulled back and stood up tall in front of me, placed his hands on either side of my face, his green bright eyes searching mine with a longing, a yearning.

Bolts of electric charge pinged off the shower wall as I felt the tingling in my throat, my heart and my skin as he spoke.

"I didn't know how to breathe until you showed up in my life. I can't go back to living that way, ever again." Edward's words set my body on fire and my heart racing so fast I thought that I was about to have a heart-attack.

I stood on my tip-toes and placed my lips to his.

The charge between our two bodies was immediate. A new fire was starting to blaze.

We kissed with a new passion that I hadn't known before. It was like a deepening in the veins of my heart, making room for more love, letting more love for Edward, grow into my soul.

"Make love to me, Edward." I panted in his ear as he picked me up, turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

He carried me to the bed and laid me down, climbing on top of me, using his knee to spread me out so he could settle between them.

His hands brushed the wet hair from my face and he placed small kisses to my face. "Just show me your love, Edward." I whispered as he slowly pushed into me.

His body filled mine like two puzzle pieces that were made from the same cloth.

"You were made for me, Isabella."


"Your heart beats with mine. Your mind knows how to reach mine. Your body fits perfectly around mine." He said as he eased his body in and out of me.


"Yours, Edward. I will always be yours." I said as a tear escaped my eye.

"Mine." He whispered before he kissed me, using his body to continue to push deeper inside of mine.

Our bodies moved languidly against one another as Edward pushed me into a realm of ecstasy that I'd never felt before.

"Oh, Isabella, how I love you, how I love your body." His breath fanned across my skin, as I broke out into a light sweat. "Cum for me baby, shatter around me, as you've shattered me already."

My orgasm hit me with a force that sent a burst of white hot light shooting through my eyes and my body felt the fire from deep within. "Edward..." I moaned out as my body flew to heights when I climaxed.

"That's it baby, let it go..." His voice was moaning in my ear as I felt him thrust deep down and his hot cum filled me up. "Oooohhhhhhhhh Belllllllllllla."

"Let it all go, Edward," I replied through my own shallow breaths.

He loved me beyond his own sanity. And he'd just showed me how deep that love ran, with his body.

That was the single most intense moment of my life.

I felt tears fill my eyes as I watched Bella completely come undone underneath me.

She changed me. She made life matter. She made me want to be a better man. I belonged to her.

Fuck. You know what this means?

Chapter 4 Dealing with the messy stuff

EPOV (One month and one week later)
Fuck. I have to deal with this today. It's driving me insane.

And fuck me with a corn cob I have to ask Alice for help because Rosalie just insisted that she had to fly to New York for something like shopping or shit. "Besides," she'd told me, "Alice knows her better than I do and would be a bigger help to you."

Bullshit. I think it's just her way of forcing me to deal with the pestering little pixie better known as Alice.

"Angela, did you set up my meeting with Alice already?" I called to her through the intercom.

"Yes, Edward, you've confirmed with me twice already. Do you need me to change something?" Angela asked.

"Fuck no. Just checking that she hasn't saved my sanity and canceled." I grunted.

She just laughed and hung up on me. Angela was no Bella but she'd been trained well and didn't put up with my bullshit, either. Bella had made sure of that.

God, I missed my Bella. I missed all the little parts of Bella, too. She'd been gone for two days to a sales conference in Denver.

Let me tell you, phone sex and skype sex just is not the same. I needed my Bella.

There was a knock on my door just as I was about to call Bella for the third time this morning, "Come in."
Jasper walked in the door. "Good Morning, Edward. How you doin' with Bella out of town?" He eyed me humorously.

"Horribly. Did you hear back from the attorney?" I asked as he took a seat in front of my desk.

"Yep, the restraining order is in place and the cease and desist order has been served." He replied with a hint of satisfaction.

"How about the lien?" I rebutted. "Did you get the bank to place the lien on the business accounts?"

"Sure did. They went into effect at midnight last night. I'm surprised that we haven't heard a word from her this morning since I'm sure she'll have found out about it by now." Jasper's eyebrow shot up as he looked at me for confirmation.

"I haven't heard a word from her or anyone at the company." I sighed, thankful that I wasn't having to deal with more shit this morning. I simply do not know if I could have handled it.

"You are particularly crabby this morning, what the fuck else is going on with you, Edward? And why are you insisting on having lunch with my fiancee?" Again, Jasper smirked and gave me that cocked up eyebrow.

"Well, my Bella is out of town, so I thought I might as well take it out my anger on Alice, while I could, free from retribution." I joked at him.

"Fuck you, Edward." He chuckled. "You and Alice are going to have to work this out. I don't want you standing up in my wedding scowling at my bride to be the whole time." He was highly amused with the bickering between Alice and I. Although misplaced, as he assumed it was some jealousy type quirk between us.

"Jasper, I can definitely reassure you that I am NOT jealous of Alice. I simply find her to be an annoying little fairy. That's all." I smugly replied with a scowl. "And it doesn't help that she attempts to cock-block me at every chance she gets."

He let out a loud belly laugh, "Edward, if you weren't trying to hump Bella every five minutes it wouldn't seem necessary to cock-block you all the time. Besides, normal people do not fuck in their place of business two to three times a day, well, unless they are hookers." He continued laughing.

"Oh really? You don't fuck Alice across the conference table when the mood strikes you? And she doesn't suck you off in the service elevator?" I quipped back at him.

He threw his hands up in defense of my attack. "Fine, Edward. You got me." He laughed again, then his face got a weird serious-like look on his face. "But really, why are you taking Alice to lunch?"

"I need her help with purchasing something for Bella." There, I said it. I was going to have to ask that little fucking Tinkerbell for her help.

Dammit. That shit just made my blood boil. And worst of all, Bella wasn't here to help me.
My cell chimed at me.

Baby, calm down. Whatever it is, I'll fix it when I get home tonight. I love you and miss you beyond reason.

How she knew, I didn't know. But she always knew when I needed her.

My facial expression or body tension must have eased because Jasper spoke up, "Bella?" He pointed to my phone.

"Yes. She's so fucking perfect for me, Jazz." I sighed feeling a little mushy at my statement.

He chuckled and slapped his hands down on his thighs before he stood up, "That she is my friend. That she truly is. How she puts up with you, I'll never know. But I thank the God and the stars every day that she does. You are so much more bearable to be around with her by your side." With that he turned, winked and left my office.

I sighed, knowing that he spoke the truth.

A few hours later there was another knock on my door. "Come in," I replied.

There was the breeze of cockiness that floated into my office alerting me to Alice's presence.

"I don't have all day, Edward, so whatever it is you need me for, let's it get it done." Her annoying high-pitched voice filled my ears.

I grunted, instantly regretting, again, my decision to ask her for help. "Alice, please try and turn down the bitchiness." I stood up and walked towards the door. "We don't have a lot of time, so let's just go." I opened the door and waited for her to walk through it.

"Fine. Where exactly are we going?" She asked as we waited for the elevator.

"I'd rather not say out loud. You'll see soon enough." My voice was hard and monotone. I just wanted to get this over with, without to much of her input or advice.

"Well, it must be pretty huge if you are asking me to assist you. What? You couldn't wait a measly six hours for Bella's return?" She giggled and punched my arm.

"Alice." I whined as we stepped into the elevator.

"Seriously, Edward. When are you going to drop this whole annoyed little bickering act you insist on keeping up? I mean, really, it's getting old, even for me."Alice flicked her wrist and waved a hand around.

"When you stop annoying me and cock-blocking me every chance you get, then I'll attempt to stop being such a dick to you." I honestly replied.

"Truce?" Alice stuck out her hand.

"Sure." I said and shook her hand. "Now, what we're about to do has to stay a top secret. I'm not even sure that I want you telling Jasper what we're doing." I stared down at her, quirked my bitchbrow and waited for her to concede to my demand.

"Edward, I'm not going to lie to Jasper. Besides, you still haven't told me what the fuck we're doing?" She said as we exited the elevator and made our way to my car.

"We're going to look at rings for Bella." There, I said it and got in the car. I sighed and put my forehead on the steering wheel because she just stood outside the car.

I stepped back out of the car. "Are you going to get in the car?"

"Um, really Edward? You are going to propose?" Alice asked me with a softness in her voice that I'd never heard before.

"Yes." I softened, too.

She squealed and jumped up and down in the most girly and annoying way possible. "I knew it...I told Bella, I just knew it." She started yapping and finally got in the car.

"So you need me to help with the ring?" She asked and continued to clap her little hands. Who knew something so tiny could make so much fucking noise.

"Well, kind of. I want to have one made completely from scratch. I have a design in mind but wanted to get your input, as you know Bella's taste." I hung my head and conceded.

Four hour later I paced around my office. Bella's plane was due to land in the next two hours and I was itching to touch her.

My whole body was vibrating with an infinite need for her.

I closed up my office having accomplished only one thing of importance today.

"Good night, Angela. Go home early tonight. I'm sure Ben will appreciate seeing you before the sun sets." I watched the shock fall across her face before a radiant smile broke out.

"Good night to you too, Edward. Tell Bella, I'm glad she's home!" She spoke giddily.

I got off the elevator a few minutes later and made my way to my car only to find a note taped to the windshield.

I will destroy you and that ugly bitch of yours, too.

That note could only have been left by one person. Tanya.

Fuck. I will not allow her to ruin Bella's homecoming.

I pulled out my phone and called Jasper. "That bitch left a note on my motherfucking car. She threatened me and Bella. Get her arrested, NOW!" I yelled at him.

"Fuck, Edward. Let me get a hold of Jenks. See what he can do. Where are you?" Jasper demanded.

"In the fucking parking garage. Call Emmett and have the security team go through all the tapes so we can catch this bitch once and for all." I barked at him.

"I'm on it, Edward. Calm down. Go pick up your girl. I'll take care of it." Jasper tried to reassure me.
Fuck! I'm so sick of this nasty bitch getting in the way of my life.

I peeled out of the parking garage and drove straight to the airport. I needed Bella and I needed her now.

I couldn't wait to get off this plane and back to my Edward. I know these past seventy-two hours had been horrendous for him. Angela had texted me almost as much as Edward had. She tried her best to keep up with him, and she did a fantastic job but unfortunately, she wasn't me. Poor girl was a saint for sticking with it, though.

"Good evening folks, we're starting our descent now. Please buckle up and we'll have you on the ground in no time." The captain spoke overhead.

I sighed, full of relief. I think I'd missed Edward just as much as he'd missed me. I needed to feel his body wrapped around mine. Good thing I'd thought to have Jane clear my schedule for tomorrow, as I knew we wouldn't be leaving, the now completely renovated, apartment.

We were having a house warming party on Friday night to show everyone all the changes and to host our first joint dinner party for the friends and family. I was so excited as my parents were flying in for the event, too.

I felt the planes landing gear start to hit the ground, I hated this part of flying. But it also meant that I was minutes away from my man. I flipped open my phone and noticed that I had a number of texts and missed calls. I sighed, he was in a bad way.

The flight attendants opened the over head hatches and I stood up to grab my bags. I was more than anxious to get off this plane.

My phone chimed with a text.

Are you here yet? I need you. Please tell me you are here.

I smiled and typed my reply.

Just a few minutes away, baby. Waiting to get off the plane.

I made my way off the plane and tried to walk at a normal pace down the runway ramp. Until I spotted him, then I broke out into a little faster trot, which wasn't easy in these heels.

He was standing behind the glass portion of the security wall, both hands up on the glass, anxiously awaiting me. Gah, this man loved me...I felt it in the twinkle of his eye when he looked at me with even glass between us.

I quickly got through the security gate and immediately felt his arms wrap around me, swinging me around. His nose was buried in my hair as he sucked in my scent and his body folded around me.

"Fuck, I missed you baby girl." He put me down and put both hands on the sides of my face giving me a kiss that weakened my knees.

We heard the murmurs of the people crowded around us and pulled back. "I missed you too, love." I said as I moved a strand of hair out of his eyes.

"Take me home, Edward." I said, put my hand in his and started to lead him out of the airport.

"Finally, home." He said with a deep sigh. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into his side while his outside hand grabbed my inside hand and held it. "I've fucking missed you worse than you can imagine."

I giggled, "I gather you are in need of some heavy Anger Management?"

"Damn straight. We might not make it out of the airport parking lot." He remarked.

We continued to walk through the concrete building before I found myself pushed up against a wall in a corner dimly lit. "I need to taste you, now, Isabella. You better not have anything on underneath that skirt that you want to keep." His voice was low and full of authority.

"Here, Edward?" I looked around, we weren't really out in the open, but we also weren't really hidden from anyone walking by.

"Yes, here. Now. Wrap those long ass legs around my shoulders." He demanded as he dropped to his knees, pushed my skirt all the way up before his other hand made it's way to cup my wet mound.

"Fuck, so wet already." He grunted, lifted my legs and spread me wide. His nose skimmed my inner thigh.

"Smells like heaven." Edward's voice almost sounded desperate before I looked down to see him swipe his tongue through my slit.

I hissed and laid my head back as he took my swollen clit between his teeth. "Ohhhh gaaahhhhhddd," I don't know how the words escaped me between the gasps for breath I was taking.

"Fuck, you taste delectable." He said before he plunged his tongue deep into me. I felt him licking and sucking. I felt his tongue swirl around, retract and lick in a swirl again.

He added a finger and went back to sucking and biting on Pearl. Fuck, I loved his mouth on me and coupled with his long, winding fingers, I was done for.

"Fuck, Edwaaaaardddddd..." I moaned, trying to keep my voice low but failing miserably.

He licked me dry and left me a quivering mess. He slowly pulled my legs off his shoulders, holding me up as he stood and pined me to the wall. "You were a mess, I had to clean you up." Edward's voice was full of mischief.

"Really? Well, I think you've got a leak happening as well. Let's get you the fuck home for a few lessons, shall we?" I asked as the coherent thoughts finally returned to my head.

"Fuck yes, I need some serious treatment." He replied and pulled me towards the car. His voice was heavy and dripping with desire.

Once we got home, his body was insatiable. He fucked me from behind over the kitchen counter. I sucked him off in the shower. We christened the deck with a back door plunging before I tied him to the bed and fucked him hard, reverse cowgirl style.

We fell asleep around dawn, completely sated and exhausted.

I woke up with the sun peaking through the window casting a radiant glow around the most beautiful creature ever to have lived, wrapped my in arms.

I felt peaceful.

And then fucking phone had to ring.


Chapter 5 Authority is a pain in the ass

BPOV (One month later)
Our company was finally starting to pick up some speed, no thanks to Tanya's efforts to blackball us around town. She'd all but threatened several potential clients and distributors. Thankfully Edward's attorney had been able to get the word out around town about the trouble that Tanya's business was in. Therefore squashing any future problems we might have.

Unfortunately, Edward had been incredibly wound up and dealing with issues far worse. He had to go to court this morning to testify against her in both a harassment suit and a civil defamation suit. He was not happy about having to spend a whole day in a court room, nor having to see Tanya again.

"Almost ready, baby?" I called to him as I walked out of the closet to sit on the bed and put my shoes on.
"Fuck. Do I have to do this today? I mean, we have all the proof we need. I don't understand what the fuck they need me for." Edward was definitely stressed to the max.

On top of court mess, my dad is coming to town again this weekend for Alice's and Jasper's engagement party. He'll be staying in our guest room meaning no naked time this weekend.

Yeah, Edward was a grumpy son-of-a-bitch about losing his naked time, he even offered to put my dad up in a hotel somewhere. I refused to let him do that. He was my dad and we had the room. He'd survive one single weekend.

"Baby, calm down, you know that this is necessary to both your business and mine. It shouldn't require that much from you. They'll ask you a few questions, you'll answer as best you can and then you'll be done. And you know that I'll be beside you the whole time." I put both hands on his chest and looked up at him trying to soften him a little.

"God what the fuck did I do without you?" He asked palming my ass.

"You were a complete tyrant and insufferable ass." I teased.

"Mmmmhhhmmm," he said against my neck as he lightly kissed me.

"We have to go baby. We don't want to be late." I reminded him trying to pull back a little.

"Fine." Edward stepped back and pierced me with those forest green eyes. "When will your dad be here?" He asked while putting on his suit jacket.

"Tomorrow afternoon, so if you have your afternoon schedule cleared, then we can spend the time after court, alone, if you'd like too." I let him know that I was on his page with missing his naked sexy times.

"I had Angela clear the whole day." He informed me as he stood at the door waiting for me.

"Good boy," I patted his shoulder as I walked out of the room and picked up my purse.

"I want those legs spread open, Lucy Diamond glistening and Mr. Happy slathered in your pussy juice once we get home. Besides, I have a new present for Ethel and Myrtle that I was going to use this weekend but I guess they'll get them early." Edward's voice hit my ears and I instantly soaked through the underwear that I was actually wearing today.

"What did you get them?" I curiously asked. Hoping it was the clamps we'd looked at online last weekend.
"You'll just have to wait to find out." He said with a chuckle and swatted my ass.

"Fuck, you have panties on today, don't you?" He asked as his hand roamed around my ass cheek.

"Yes." I simply answered.

"Let's get to the car where we will discuss this matter." He said as I rolled my eyes and smiled.

He truly hated having Lucy Diamond covered at anytime. But I wasn't going to take chances with any leakage while being in a courthouse and it just felt appropriate.

As soon as we both got settled in the car, he started in on me, "Are you on your period?"

"No, Edward. You know the exact dates of my period," I giggled. He had that shit down to a science equation of when my menstrual cycle would start and end. It was eery sometimes and it certainly did not stop him from fucking me.

"I don't understand then, why are you wearing panties then?" He whined.

"I just felt that they were warranted in this situation," I explained.

"But, Bella, I'm just going to rip them off your body, or is that what you intended?" He eyed me curiously before turning his eyes back to the road.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I smiled mischievously.

"Fuck, Bella." He said as he adjusted himself.

The only way I'd make it through this insufferable day is with Bella by my side. I was glad we were finally getting somewhere legally in the process of getting rid of Tanya once and for all. But damn, I was sick of dealing with her skanky ass.

And, to be honest, this wasn't the worst of my worries right now. My biggest issue is that Bella's dad would be here tomorrow and I have to talk to him. Like, a man to man, conversation and shit.

It was enough to make Mr. Happy shrivel up inside my ball sac, it was that terrifying to me. But, I had to do it.

"What's got you looking so scared?" Bella asked with a worried tone to her voice.

"Oh, um, just thinking that about everything that's going on." I lied.

I pulled into the parking lot of the courthouse, took the parking ticket, found a spot and pulled in.

"Edward, you can't lie to me. But since we're here and we've got to get inside I'm going to let it go for now. However, I will remember it this evening when you are naked and available for deviant ways." She gave me a devilish smile and rubbed her hands together.

I gulped.

Five long ass hours later, three restraining orders sufficiently in place and the threat of serious jail time hanging over Tanya's ugly ass head, we were headed home.

"You better be ready, Isabella. My cock is as hard as a piece of steel pipe and the only thing that will offer it some much needed relief is to be dipped into that dripping wet pussy." I growled at her.

I was wound up so fucking tight if I didn't get some relief soon I was going to break my dick off.

Bella was giggling at me from the passenger seat. I eyed her from my peripheral vision only to see her finger lazily making circles around one of those pointed nipples.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" I snapped at her, pulling her hand down. "Those are my nipples."

She narrowed her eyes at me with a wicked smile on her face, "I believe they are attached to my body and they were itching." She teased me again with her other hand circling the other nipple.

"Fuck, Isabella, I'm gonna fuck you so hard Mr. Happy will feel like he is going to remove your tonsils." My voice was stern and harsh.

She just laughed and said, "Bring it."

My palms started itching and Mr. Happy was starting a steady pace of up, down, up, down in his stance to teach her a lesson. This teasing, taunting and challenging me shit was getting under my skin.

"Oh you so shouldn't have said that Isabella." I replied through gritted teeth.

I pulled the car into the parking garage, parked and went around to her door. I threw it open, pulled her out of the car and over my shoulder, where I immediately swatted her ass with my palm.

"Hey, grumpy, that fucking hurt." She yelled at me from over my shoulder.

"You think that hurt, just you wait, Isabella." I couldn't wait to get her in the apartment, tied up and at my fucking mercy.

Once we got off the elevator, I put Bella on her feet, "I'm warning you now, I'm in the mood to punish you so no more pushing, you understand?" I felt like I was about to explode as she sucked on that fucking bottom lip and batted those lashes at me.

"In the apartment, in our room, strip and get in the swing." I demanded as I opened the front door and showed her the way with my hand.

"Where are you going?" She sassed back at me, turning to me with her hands on her hips.

"ISABELLA!" I yelled, gripped my hair and just stared at her.

Her eyes softened, her stance relaxed, "I'm sorry, Edward." She gently walked towards me, placed her hands on my chest and kissed my lips chastely. "It's been a rough morning and I pushed to far, didn't I?"

I vigorously nodded my head.

"Okay, baby, I'm going." She whispered before she kissed me again, turned and started to strip off her clothes as she walked to the bedroom. Once she got to the bedroom door, she turned, winked at me, then shut the door behind her.

I let out one long ass sigh. I wasn't upset with her. I was just pissed beyond belief at everything I'd been put through this morning. Those fucking lawyers were morons. Tanya tried to play that sexual harassment bullshit on me, which made my fucking blood boil.

Thank fuck Bella had been there and we were able to sneak into an unused office for a quick blow job between court sessions. Otherwise, I might be in jail for strangling either my lawyer, her lawyer or better yet, Tanya.

I went to my office, grabbed the nipple clamps and the clit clamp that Bella didn't know I'd ordered. All the while stroking my cock to help appease some of my pent up aggression. I didn't want to get too rough with my baby girl. But, I was going to fuck her and fuck her good.

I got naked, sat up in the sex swing we kept hanging in the corner and strapped in. I knew that I was about to get fucked into oblivion and I truly couldn't wait.

This man had no idea what a turn on his aggression was, mostly because I knew that it was never directed at me. I just reaped the benefit of it.

I ran a finger through my slick folds just to make sure that I was wet enough and I was so aroused that another flick of Opal and I'd be done for.

But somehow, I didn't think he'd be letting me cum anytime soon.

The door opened and I watched him walk into the room with a few items in his hands. He walked around the room getting some toys and lube out of the drawer before walking over to where I sat. He placed all the items on the small table in the corner.

"I'm going to blind fold you, Isabella." He spoke soft and tender, completely confusing me.

"Um, okay." I replied, still perplexed as he turned the swing to face the windows. The sun was shining in on this rare sunny day and it felt sublime on my skin.

Edward placed a black scarf around my eyes, "Is that comfortable?" He asked calmly in my ear.

"It's fine." I answered as he turned the swing back around towards him.

"Lean back, chest out." He demanded as I followed his instructions.

"Good girl," he said as his hands started to roam over my skin. I couldn't help the shiver that ran through me at his touch. I loved the way he felt against me when he touched me.

"Deep breath," his voice was laced with excitement as he directed me.

I instantly felt the pressure of the clamp and gritted my teeth, waiting for the pain. But once he released it, it just tingled and actually felt good, like all my nerve endings were at alert. My pussy quivered a little. I heard him chuckle and I scowled at him.

"Another deep breath," he said as his breath fanned across my face.

He placed the other clamp around my bare nipple and gave a small tug on the chain that connected them.

"Alright?" Edward's voice was smooth as he continued to tug on the chain. Each time he did that it was like a straight shot of electricity to my clit.

I was trying to keep my breathing steady and even, as I nodded to him.

"I'm going to open you wide, I have a surprise for you, baby." He couldn't contain the excitement in his voice; which only served to pique my curiosity.

"What are you up to, Edward?"

"Isabella, lean back as far as you can go without flipping over." He demanded as he grabbed me inner thighs.
I grabbed a hold of the straps and laid back until he told me to stop. "Deep breath again, Isabella." His voice rang out but all I felt was white blinding light behind my closed eyes.

"What the fuck?" I panted.

HOLY FUCK! I stroked my cock a few more times as I stood and admired her spread eagle, pussy leaking and that clit, clamped, while she was struggled to breath. Her chest was heaving, Ethel and Myrtle were at full attention with their own chain dangling.

"How does that feel, Isabella?" I breathed heavy and used my free hand to tug on my balls a few times as I continued long stroking Mr. Happy. Who was indeed, beyond happy at this moment.

"F...fin...fine." Bella struggled to get the words out.

"To much?" I asked.

"N...No...NNooo." Again, her words were strained.

"Good." I said, stepped up and slammed my cock inside of her. "Hold the fuck on." I demanded as I started to push and pull the swing, getting a good rhythm going with my groin only pushing into and pulling back out. I loved fucking her in the swing as it was a great ab work out and I could use my hands more freely to touch that body of hers.

"Oh god...oerllmfpfhh..." Bella was completely incoherent. I assumed she was in sensory overload so I gave the titty clamps a good tug.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk," her voice was stretching to keep up with the words she was expelling.
"No more teasing." I tugged again.

"Olllllllllaaaayyyy." Bella groaned.

"No more taunting." I tugged on the clit clamp this time.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH." Her voice was getting louder and her moans moving up an octave.

I stopped the swing from moving and put my hands firmly on her hips, pushing into her as hard as I could.

"You are mine. I can have you when I want you. You will not wear underwear in public again." I forcibly said as I pounded her hard again.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss." Bella moaned again.

"My pussy." I gave a few quick thrusts in and out.

"Say it, Isabella." I yelled as I pushed all the way in and halted all movement.

"Yoooooooooouuuuuuuurssssssss." She growled out as her pussy clamped down on my cock forcing me to start thrusting hard and fast, to catch her. Just as Lucy Diamond sealed down in a vice grip around me I felt the white blinding heat shoot through my body.



" BEEELLLLLLAAAA!" I screamed out and I swear I felt the windows rattle as she screamed my name just as loud.

I fucked her a few more strokes before stilling completely allowing the swelling to recede and her pussy to slowly release it's grip on my shaft. She was a quivering mess as I pulled her up and into my arms.

"Yours, Edward." She gushed in a breathy voice. "All fu...fucking yours."

"MINE." I whisper yelled into her ear before pulling back and crashing my lips to hers.

I kissed her deep and hard, reminding her body that I wasn't done with it yet.

We still had all night to go. FUCK YES!