Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Reader of the Month

Every month, I want to recognize a special reader.....I have some that are so special to me and read almost everything that I write....I like getting to know them ....so I present to you this months Spotlighted Reader: Mimi Mgr - THANK YOU for being such a fan and for the awesome reviews!!! I appreciate you:)

First off, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!! Please note that any answers you have that don't involve my stories is perfectly fine.....

1) How long have you been reading FanFiction and how did you get started into the fandom?

I've been reading FF for about two years now.  I had read Midnight Sun and wanted more.  I did a few searches on the net to see if any one heard anything about completing of MS and found the fandom.  It helped to fill my need for more Bella and Edward.

2) What was your first Fic to read?

Most people answer this question with a popular fic, but the one I read was just over a 1100 reviews.  My first fic was For Always by Adidasgrl328... Was surprised it was written by a young girl, but it was a good story.

3) What was the first fic of mine that you read?

Anger Management! :)

4) What is your favorite all-time Fic that you can read over and over again?

Several Fics that I love to read over again.... The office, EP, Master of the Universe... some newer ones are Beautiful Savage by Readingmama, Puddle Jumping by 107yearoldvirgin...and your story PPtP will be a must reread... I have a hard time picking a favourite.

5) Out of all my fics that you've read, do you have a favorite? Which one and Why is it your favorite?

Love AM. Hot, well written and always makes me want more... Also enjoy PPtP.  I'm always so excited when I see an update in my inbox for this story.  This story just makes me happy to read it.  Makes me dream that there really are people like this.  Takes me away from everyday life for a few moments, and always makes me smile. 

6) What's your current favorite song?

This is a hard one.  I like so many songs.  Eliza Doolitle, Pack up... is just such a sweet happy song... always puts me in a good mood when I hear it. Youtube it.  And I'm enjoying Kelly Clarkson's latest.

7) Have you read EP? If so, who would you want to play Bella and Edward in the movie?

Love EP.  On her blog she had pics of the character, so that is how I picture them in my head.... Rob and Kristen....

8) If any of my fics could be made into a movie, which one would you like to see on the big screen?

Never to be mine.  This one I find hard to read, because it is so heart breaking.... but that is why it would make an excellent movie.  So much happens in this story, it's not just fluff. 

9) Do you feel that the diversity of my writing is to broad or does it offer a wide enough variety to all readers?

I think you write a wide variety of stories.  From smut to fluff... and slash to canon.   SO if someone is interested in a light canon reading they can go read PPtP but if they are more up smut AM might be for them and if those two choice are not good for them they have the choice of reading one of your slash stories... so many choices you gives us... that I feel you will appeal to many different readers.

10) Last question: Favorite piece of clothing that you have on right now.....and why.
My hoodie, simple reason, cause it's keeping me warm on this cold fall evening. :)