Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So, I know the month is almost over but with all that has happened this month, I'm excused;)
Let me present to you my choice of special reader for this month, Heather Abdelrahman!!!!!

I've had the pleasure to get to know her through FB, groups and reviews. I 've truly enjoyed her friendship, her loyalty as a reader and her deliciously pervy mind that fits with mine!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Heather and THANK YOU for being such a dedicated reader and friend in the fandom!!!!!

1) Typical stuff......first fanfic that you ever read? How long have you been reading ff?
 My first fanfic was Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003.   I soon went right on to MOTU.   I only started reading fanfics since May 2011.  I still feel fairly new to this as is my obsession.  

2) What was the first story of mine that you read? How did you find it?
 Just out of Reach or Just More.... not sure which one came first.   I think u were rec'd to me by JayDrizzle.  I was a recent slash virgin and came across some of urs and well, I have been smitten ever since !  

3) Who is your favorite character in any FF that you've read?
 WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   oh um sorry... is he really a character?  hee hee    um seriously though... I love any dominant, possessive Edward. 
**Note from WILSON: Yes, I am my own character and I flove you to, bb;)**

4) What is your favorite fic that I have written, that you've read?
 Only Once.    Again, being a slash hoor and loving anything w/ Edward and Jasper... knowing that its a 'forbidden love' of sorts.   *sigh*   yea... that one and can't wait for more updates *HINT HINT*   ;) 

5) Are you a FB group junkie? How many approx. do you belong to and do you visit them all frequently???
 yea... I think I am now.   I belong to *goes and counts*   HOLY SHIT   13!!!   Didn't realize how many there were.  I do go on every day.   hmmm   Damn, I really didn't realize just how much of a junkie I am *blushes*   .

6) If you met RPatz would you: A) Speak to him  B) Scream in his face like a crazed fangirl C) Ask for his autograph D) Grab him and kiss him silly
 um.... I have thought of this and dreamed of this for soo long.   I would love to say A and C,  HOWEVER.... I think realistically, that I would probably just stare at him and not be able to say a damn word, and probably start crying and shaking.    I know I know... how stupid is THAT?!   But honestly, the man does something to me that takes away all logical thinking and acting on my part.  

7) Are you a slash fan? What is your favorite slash pairing, if you are? Fav slash fic? SLASH HOOOOR!!!!   YEP   Edward and Jasper again... nothing like the two of them.   Imagining Robert and Jackson doing dirty things to each other's hot bodies..... *sigh*  yea, *clears throat*   that's my answer.   

8) Favorite Twilight Saga book? Favorite Twilight Saga movie? There is still something about the first Twilight that does something to me.   Watching RPatz walking into the cafeteria all smoldering and sexy.... *sigh*    DAMN... there goes the panties AGAIN.   

9) Be honest.....didn't you fall in love with Jacob just a teeny-tiny little bit in Breaking Dawn, part 1???? I thought Taylor looked really good in BD.   Love his abs and his white teeth... and the new facial hair so yea... just a bit.   BUT... NOONE will ever take RPatz's place.    I will always be team Edward.   :)

10) Which style of writing do you prefer me to write: Angst, Romance or Humor
 I love a mixture of writings.   I have said it in many of my reviews... If an author can make me FEEL, well, then I'm hooked.   I love to read something that can make me laugh out loud, cry, fall in love, feel horny as hell, or just happy.    So, I'm up for anything.   If an author can bring out a mixture of feelings (like you do, Kyla... well, I will be a loyal reader!!!  

11) Favorite article of clothing that you have on right now???? lol...funny... i have this hot pink bra on right now that hubby seems to appreciate.   And of course, I always try to match panties and bras.    Just sayin'....    :)  
So, I have to say how honored I am to be a part of your blog.    You are an amazing writer and have quickly become a good friend!    TY TY TY    MUAH

So, there ya have it! Huge THANK YOU and big huggles to Heather for being a part of my blog. I just adore you and appreciate you more than you can know!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Reader of the Month

Every month, I want to recognize a special reader.....I have some that are so special to me and read almost everything that I write....I like getting to know them I present to you this months Spotlighted Reader: Mimi Mgr - THANK YOU for being such a fan and for the awesome reviews!!! I appreciate you:)

First off, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!! Please note that any answers you have that don't involve my stories is perfectly fine.....

1) How long have you been reading FanFiction and how did you get started into the fandom?

I've been reading FF for about two years now.  I had read Midnight Sun and wanted more.  I did a few searches on the net to see if any one heard anything about completing of MS and found the fandom.  It helped to fill my need for more Bella and Edward.

2) What was your first Fic to read?

Most people answer this question with a popular fic, but the one I read was just over a 1100 reviews.  My first fic was For Always by Adidasgrl328... Was surprised it was written by a young girl, but it was a good story.

3) What was the first fic of mine that you read?

Anger Management! :)

4) What is your favorite all-time Fic that you can read over and over again?

Several Fics that I love to read over again.... The office, EP, Master of the Universe... some newer ones are Beautiful Savage by Readingmama, Puddle Jumping by 107yearoldvirgin...and your story PPtP will be a must reread... I have a hard time picking a favourite.

5) Out of all my fics that you've read, do you have a favorite? Which one and Why is it your favorite?

Love AM. Hot, well written and always makes me want more... Also enjoy PPtP.  I'm always so excited when I see an update in my inbox for this story.  This story just makes me happy to read it.  Makes me dream that there really are people like this.  Takes me away from everyday life for a few moments, and always makes me smile. 

6) What's your current favorite song?

This is a hard one.  I like so many songs.  Eliza Doolitle, Pack up... is just such a sweet happy song... always puts me in a good mood when I hear it. Youtube it.  And I'm enjoying Kelly Clarkson's latest.

7) Have you read EP? If so, who would you want to play Bella and Edward in the movie?

Love EP.  On her blog she had pics of the character, so that is how I picture them in my head.... Rob and Kristen....

8) If any of my fics could be made into a movie, which one would you like to see on the big screen?

Never to be mine.  This one I find hard to read, because it is so heart breaking.... but that is why it would make an excellent movie.  So much happens in this story, it's not just fluff. 

9) Do you feel that the diversity of my writing is to broad or does it offer a wide enough variety to all readers?

I think you write a wide variety of stories.  From smut to fluff... and slash to canon.   SO if someone is interested in a light canon reading they can go read PPtP but if they are more up smut AM might be for them and if those two choice are not good for them they have the choice of reading one of your slash stories... so many choices you gives us... that I feel you will appeal to many different readers.

10) Last question: Favorite piece of clothing that you have on right now.....and why.
My hoodie, simple reason, cause it's keeping me warm on this cold fall evening. :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Energize WIP Awards

I was very proud and humble to be notified that my fic, Just Out Of Reach, was nominated for an award.
Voting starts tomorrow and I'm up against some pretty stiff competition, including my sister, Reyes Fanfiction.

Please, go and vote for your favorite as there are quite a few good ones to choose from!

Monday, October 17, 2011

News...and stuff

So, I went on another writing binge this weekend.....yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I heard about it from my fuckawesome Team, too. I am writing insane....I can't help it.

When a plot bunny forms in my head, I let it sit for a bit before I share it with anyone....I give it time to formulate, mull things over and then I tell a member of my Team and get their advice or opinions of whether or not it's something that I should work on.

This one just snowballed me on Friday afternoon and by late yesterday afternoon it had completely blocked me from writing anything else. So, I sat down and wrote the first twelve chapters.

It will be and Edward/Bella story and there will be an HEA. JSYK, cuz I know that you all have to ask me upfront....LOL.

I don't really want to give to much away but I will let you know that it deals with Domestic Violence and Edward is the one being abused. It will include graphic details and I will post warnings for those that are unable to handle those types of situations. And, while there is some angst, it won't be heavy, heavy like JooR or NTBM or Choices.

As most of you that read my work know, I don't write the cookie-cutter type stories. I write a wide variety of genre's and pairings. From rated T to XXX.....and then everything in between.

That's kind of how I am as a person and kind of how I live my life. I don't like to be squished into one box or mold, so to speak. I can be anything from plain & shy to emo/goth to hood's a crap shoot what you'll get each day;) new story, Please Rescue Me will start posting next Monday, 10-24-11 but I'll post a teaser on my blog each day from the first couple of chapters.....exclusively here.

Here is today's teaser:
I hate having to find ways to cover the bruises.
But this time, I'm not sure how to cover the bruise you left on me.
Your hand print is clearly visible across my cheek.
I can't call in sick again this week, but there is no reasonable explanation for the mark you left on me. Especially when all I asked was if you had any laundry that needed to be done.
You flew into a rage and screamed at me for being so weak as to want to take care of your laundry. I thought that was what nice boyfriends did for their girlfriends.
You punched my chest and smacked my head.
You slapped me across the face then demanded that I fuck you.
I wasn't even hard. How could I be hard when you are assaulting me?
I thought that I loved you, but this morning I realized love shouldn't hurt. Not this much. Not this way.

See ya tomorrow, Kyla

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome to the madness

WELCOME one and all to the madness of my blog!!!!!
Sorry it's taken me a bit of time to get it all sorted out. BUT, I promise you that I have some awesome things planned for this adventure.

First off, I am going to be doing a WEEKLY SPOTLIGHT of a reader/reviewer....I am going to pick one reader/reviewer that has approached me or touched me in some way and SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT on them;) 

The segment will be called "BEHIND THE CURTAINS". I am hoping to post a new one each Monday morning.

I am planning on doing a rec of the week. It may be a new story, it may be an old story but whatever it is, you can rest assured that I've read it and give it my complete stamp of approval.

I also plan to have a drabble section as well. 'Cause ya'll know me, I love me some drabbles. It will be called "DRABBLE ME THIS" will be a listing of the current drabbles that I am reading or that I am aware of going on worth reading.

I'll also keep you up to date on all my current WIPS and plans for upcoming SEQUELS.

I look forward to all the feedback about what you like/don't like about the blog and if it is helpful or not.

See ya soon!
Tootles, Kyla